Bear Camp
Camp Nash  |  Bonner Springs, KS  |  2016

Cost, Fees, and General Information

The cost to attend Bear Camp in 2016 is $65.00 per Scout and $65.00 per adult if paid on or before April 27, 2016 with a deposit of $30.00 per person made at the time of online registration. On and after April 28, 2016, the cost to attend Bear Camp will increase.

We encourage you to register by Pack rather than individually.  However, either form of registration for Bear Camp will be accepted!

These fees cover the cost of all patches for Scouts, t-shirts for Scouts and adults, program supplies, participation awards, meals, lodging, insurance, etc.

Sessions have a limited capacity. Bear Camp programs are conducted during the summer at the Theodore Naish Scout Reservation as a two-day, one-night experience.  It is designed especially for boys going into 3rd grade and their parents.  Each Scout spends 2 full days and 1 night of fun in the wilderness of Cub World.  Boys and their adult partner will participate in many exciting activities listed below.

  • Water Park — Swimming

  • Theme Related Activities — Crafts, Games

  • Outdoor Cooking

  • Special Events

  • Exciting Campfire with Staff and Cub Scout Participation

  • Field Sports — BB Guns, Action Archery

  • Nature and Conservation

  • Campsite Living

  • Central Camp Trading Post

Frequently Asked Questions About Bear Camp

How are refunds handled?

A unit is expected to pay for the number of campers and leaders at registration. No refunds will be granted after that fee payment is made, however, transfers within the unit will be allowed. For certain circumstances an exception may be made, however, you will need to follow the refund policy to request a refund.

Where is Bear Camp?

Bear Camp is at the Theodore Naish Scout Reservation in Bonner Springs, Kansas. (map)

What kinds of things will I be doing at Bear Camp?

There are lots of exciting things to do at Bear Camp. You can do things like shooting BB Guns, swimming, making rope, making wood projects, participating in campfires, and meetings lots of other Bear Cubs just like you.

Where do I sleep?

You will be sleeping in a 2 person canvas wall tent that includes a cot and floor boards, electricity is not available.

What should I take to Bear Camp?

Your leader can help you decide what to take and what not to take to camp. Your leader has a list in their Bear Camp Leader's Guide, but generally, you should take basically the same things that you would take to spend the night at a friends house plus your Scout uniform, your Bear book, bug repellant, and a few other things.

Bear Camp sounds awesome, can I go?

If you are a Bear Cub you can go. All you need to do is check with your leader to find out how to sign up.

What if there are twins or triplets in my Pack?

If there are multiple children from the same family, only one parent is required to go. Please contact the Camping office for further questions or concerns regarding this issue.

What if I'm the only one in my unit that wants to attend Bear Camp?

Great! We encourage units to sign up together, but if you're the only one that wants to attend Bear Camp, we will find a unit for you to camp with. Contact the Council office and we will get you camping!

What if both parents want to attend with their Scout to Bear Camp?

It is not required for both parents to attend, but if both want to attend, that is acceptable. Just reserve slots for both people.

What Health Forms do I need to attend Bear Camp?

The Annual Health and Medical Record with parts A and B completed is the appropriate form. It can be found here: Annual Health and Medical Record A&B. Bring the completed and signed health form with you when you check into Bear Camp.

Is there a list of advancements the Scout could have earned attending Bear Camp?

Yes, in the Bear Camp Leader's Guide Appendix, there is a list of advancements that could have been earned.

Should we sign up collectively or individually?

You should sign up everyone at one time, not individually, if you want everyone in the same session. You will have the option to pay by credit card or to mail in a check within 5 days. The cost is $65 for each scout and for each adult. You will pay a $30 non-refundable deposit per camper when you register in February and the remaining balance is due by April 27th.

What is a Den Chief? Are they required for camp?

A Den Chief is a Scout (10-12) that helps the Den Leader. It is not required for camp, but each Bear must have an adult paired with them.

What does the $65 cost cover for camp?

The $65 cost covers patches for Scouts, t-shirts for both Scout and adult, program supplies, awards, meals, lodging, insurance, and any other costs for running the camp.

Can a Scout attend camp with anyone besides a parent?

They can attend with another relative over the age of 21; most will attend with their grandparent.

Can parents tag team Bear Camp? One attend one day, another attend the next?

Yes, this is fine. You only need to register one adult. You will need to check in at the camp office when you swap places.

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