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Webelo Resident Camp

Webelo Resident Camp
Camp Nash  |  Bonner Springs, KS  |  July 12-14, 2012

What is it?

  • Any registered Webelos Scout (including third grade graduates) may attend Webelos Camp. Webelos camp programs are conducted during the summer at the Theodore Naish Scout Reservation.  Webelos camp is a three-day, two-night experience, and contains separate activities for first and second year Webelos.
  • First Year Webelos program include activities which introduce Scouts to an outdoor camping experience. Requirements for Aquanaut, Craftsman, Readyman, Naturalist and Outdoorsman Activity Pins are offered.
  • The Second Year Webelos program is designed to help prepare older Webelos for their transition to Boy Scouts and Boy Scout Camping. Highlights include a Bouldering Wall, Model Rocket Building and Action Archery.
  • New Outdoor Skills and Games areas allow Scouts to have fun in an outdoor camp setting while teaching them how to work together. Various certification courses like Youth Protection Training, Safe Swim Defense and Boy Scout Fast Start Training for Adult Leaders are also offered. Knowledgeable Commissioners are on hand to help and serve.

Cost, Fees, and General Information:

The cost to attend Webelos Camp will be $115 per Scout and and $115 per Full Time leader before 5-5-10 with a $30 deposit made at the time of sign up.  After that date, the cost will increase to $130 per person.  The cost for Part Time Leaders will be $55 per day before TBD, and from TBD or after the cost will be $60 per day;  Part Time Leaders cannot combine days to share a Full Time slot.  These fees cover the cost of all patches for Scouts, program supplies, participation awards, meals, lodging, insurance, etc.  Please note camp T-shirts are NOT included in the Webelos camp fee. Also, like Day Camp, you must register to attend camp as a Pack, not individually.  Additionally, any adult attending Webelos Camp (full or part time) MUST BE a registered member of Boy Scouts of America.  Sessions are limited to 300 youth and 175 leaders or a maximum of 475 participants.

Frequently Asked Questions About Webelos Camp:

Q.  How are refunds handled?
A.  Refunds are given after the camp session has completed and is reconciled with the Council Office.  The monies (minus the non-refundable of $30) will AUTOMATICALLY be put into the unit account.

Q.  Do All Adults have to be registered with the BSA?  How many adults have to attend?
A.  At Webelos Camp, only 2-deep leadership is required, more parents may attend, but it is not a required one-on-one camping experience.  However, all adults attending Webelos Camp must be registered with the BSA.

Q.  If one Scout can’t go, can another go in his place?
A.  Yes, just let the Council Office (816-569-4933) know of any changes to the roster, or submit changes with the final payment (see below).  There is no penalty for switching one Scout for another.

Q.  What Health Form do I need to attend Webelos Camp?
A.  The Annual Health and Medical Record with parts A and C completed is the appropriate form.  It can be found here: Annual Health and Medical Record.

Q.  How are Campership monies handled?
A.  Submit the Campership application to the Council Service Center.  Meanwhile, go ahead and make full payments for the Scout, until you are notified.  Once the Campership money has been applied, it will go towards the Webelos Camp bill for the unit.

Q.  When is a final roster due?
A.  The final roster is due at the same time as the final payment,TBD.  In April, the Webelos Camp primary contact will receive a billing statement and the current camp roster, if there are any changes, submit the Webelos Camp Event Roster (with changes) with the final payment.

Q.  What if I’m the only one in my unit that wants to attend Webelos Camp?
A.  Great!  We encourage units to sign up together, but if you’re the only one that wants to attend Webelos Camp, we will find a unit for you to camp with.  Contact the Council office and we will get you camping!

Q. What are the swimming requirements?
A. The BSA swimmer requirements can be found in the Webelos Scout Book

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