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Welcome to Cub Scout Pack 3888!

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You’ll find a lot of information about Cub Scouting in the Cub Scout Parents’ Orientation Guide and in the Scout Handbook your son received when you registered him. (If he did not receive a Handbook, check with your den leader.) Your Den Leader will explain where and how often your den meets and how it operates. This handout focuses on Pack-specific matters.

Key Information

  • Our pack was chartered in 2007. Our charter organization is the First Baptist Church.
  • Our web-site:
  • Our Pack is part of the Iron Horse District. The district is part of the Heart of America Council.
  • The Heart of America Council’s office and Boy Scout Store are at:
    • 10210 Holmes Road (Off I-435)
      Kansas City, MO 64131
  • Our Pack is made up of ranks of Cub Scouts, the rank that the scouts work on is based on their current grade level in school:
    • Tiger Cubs: Boys who are going into 1st Grade
    • Wolf Cubs: Boys who are going into the 2nd Grade
    • Bear Cubs: Boys who are going into the 3rd
    • Webelo's: Boys who are going into the 4th Grade
    • AOL's: Boys who are going into the 5th Grade
Key Contacts:
Cubmaster:  Chad Kunz,
Asst Cubmaster:  Scott Elsey,
Committee Chair:  Christine O’Connor,  913.269.4042,
Treasurer:  Crystal Wise,

Pack Meetings
Every month, our Pack conducts a meeting for all the Scouts and their parents. Sometimes this is a meeting and other months it is a pack activity. At the meetings, Den Leaders present their Scouts the achievement awards they have earned. Our Pack Meetings are usually on Thursdays, Pack Activities are usually on the weekend.

Pack Activities
Each summer we hold a Committee Meeting to plan activities and events for the following school year. Here are the main activities planned for the coming year:

  • Pinewood Derby Fall Scout Campout Spring Family Campout
  • Blue & Gold Banquet Raingutter Regatta Picnic & Pool Party
  • Johnson County Parade Summer Camp Community Food Drive


Field Uniform (Class A's):
We expect Scouts to wear a Scout shirt, kerchief (provided by the pack) and slide to Den and Pack meetings, Den Field Trips and Go-See-Its and Pack Activities. Tigers, Wolves and Bears should wear the blue Cub Scout Shirt. Webelos & AOL's may wear either the blue or tan shirt. Scouts may wear Scout uniform trousers or shorts, or blue jeans with a scout belt. We recommend the official Cub Scout belt as it accommodates the belt loops many of our Scouts earn. Uniforms are available at the Boy Scout Shop at 103rd and Holmes in Kansas City, MO or on-line.

Required patches for the Shirts:

  • Heart of America Council Shoulder Patch
  • Pack Number 3888
  • World Crest Patch
  • Den Number (Blue Shirt) or Patrol insignia (Tan Shirt)
  • Quality Unit Patch (Pack provides)

We encourage Scouts to wear Scout shirts to school on Pack Meeting days to show pride in the organization and to spur interest among their classmates. Scouts who bring other boys into the Pack earn a Recruiter’s Badge.

Activity Uniforms (Class B's):
For activities such as camping and picnics, Scouts may wear Pack T-shirts, Camp T-Shirts or any other scouting t-shirt. These are often called “Class B” or “Activity” shirts. Pack T-shirts, hoodies and hats are also available. Uniform trousers and/or shorts are also appropriate with the Class B uniform. New scouts may wear Class B uniforms for the first several months of Scouting, but they will want to have a Class A uniform by the Blue & Gold Banquet in February.

The Pack usually conducts two camp-outs each year and Scouts may attend summer camps run by the Heart of America Council. Our Fall Camp-Out is an overnight outing for the Scout and adult leaders (including parents). Scouts work on achievements and electives. Siblings are not invited. Our Spring Camp-Out is a family event.

Campers need to bring their own camping equipment. Meals are planned per den. Campouts often include special ceremonies. The Council runs 3 kinds of camp. These camps provide opportunities for Scouts to work on advancements and electives while having lots of fun. Day Camp is a 5-day program available to all Cub Scouts, including interested boys who have just finished Kindergarten and are about to be Tigers. Our District usually is assigned an early June session. The location varies. In 2008, it was at Lake Olathe. Bear Camp is a two day / one night camp for 3rd graders. Webelos Camp is a three day / two night camp for 4th and 5th graders. These camps are held at Camp Naish in Bonner Springs, KS. Dates are assigned by drawing in the spring.

Parents are encouraged to actively participate in Scouting, to register with the Council, and to take Scout Training courses.

Boy Scouts of America offer many courses for parents and adult leaders. Some are available on-line; others are offered at various locations in Johnson County. See our website for the current training schedule. Let your Den Leader and/or Pack Training Chair know when you have completed a course. All parents are strongly encouraged to take “Fast Track” and “Youth Protection” training shortly after their sons join Scouting. These courses are available on-line at Each can be in less than an hour.

Adults who attend Bear Camp and Webelos Camp must be registered and must take the Fast Track and Youth Protection Training courses. Other courses may help parents understand more about Scouting in general, or about how the Pack and individual dens operate. This information may be helpful even if you are not a leader.

Volunteer Opportunities
See our organization chart for current Pack openings and let the Cubmaster or Committee Chair know which slot you’d like to fill. If you need more information on what the positions entail, please ask. If you prefer to help at the den level, contact your Den Leader to see where your help may be needed. We encourage parents to share the load with their leaders. If you cannot undertake an on-going assignment, volunteer for a specific one-time task.

Committee Meetings
All Scout parents are “Committee Members”. The Committee sets the overall direction for the Pack; selects activities and events, including fundraisers; sets the calendar; approves the budget; and establishes policies when needed. The Committee’s main meeting is held each June. We encourage all parents to participate.

The Pack spends over $70 per Scout each year. This is above and beyond what Dens spend on activities and den meetings and various field trips and such. Packs can take at least 3 approaches to covering these expenses:

Engage in fundraising activities.

  • Charge fees to cover the operating expenses.
  • Allow families to contribute $70 to the pack to cover all pack expenses.
  • Have parents pay as they go (i.e., charge parents each time their Scout earns a badge, pin,etc.)

Our Committee has selected to make the fundraising route available to all or our families. The Committee felt most parents would prefer this to much higher fees per Scout. The “pay as you go” approach and fees and opt out are alternatives.

Many parents like the fundraising approach because the Pack shares proceeds with the Scouts. This provides opportunities for Scouts to earn funds for Scouting expenses. This past year, for example, Scouts earned $2,200 which they then used to cover rechartering, camping and other expenses.

More on our expenses
Our largest expenses are Advancement Awards, the Blue & Gold Banquet and the Pinewood Derby. For these 3 items, we estimate that we spend $45.90 per Tiger Scout; $53.40 per Wolf and Bear Scout, and $120 per Webelos Scout (or $60 on average for the 2 years a Scout is in the Webelos Program).

We spend more for Advancement Awards than we do for any other budget item. Badges, belt loops, pins, arrow points and such cost just a dollar or two each, but the costs add up quickly. For example, advancement awards for a first year Webelos Scout earning eleven Activity Badges, Webelos Colors, Webelos Rank Patch, Compass Patch, Compass Points and three belt loops would be about $27.

Other expenses include the Blue & Gold Banquet, Pinewood Derby, pack pool party, and other pack activities.

What are the Pack’s fundraisers?
The main Boy Scout / Cub Scout fundraiser is the fall Popcorn Sales campaign. This fundraiser helps the overall Scout organization and the Heart of America Council. HOAC estimates that it spends almost $150 per Scout for insurance, training, camp maintenance and other expenses.

Packs may select additional fundraisers. Parents are invited to participate in Committee Meetings, especially the Planning Meeting in June, to help decide how many and which fundraisers to conduct.

Parent input is also needed to determine when and how to share profits with the Scouts.
2007-2008 Fundraisers Profit Shared with Scouts? **

  • Popcorn Sales 15% of sales
  • Trash Bag Sales

Trash bags are for sales by individual Scouts , typically $3.00 per roll back to the scouts account. For group sales at Price Chopper / Wal*Mart profits are split between those that assist in the sales

** Based on preceding two years. Subject to change.

Other Group Fundraisers
The pack may also conduct a few group fundraisers, the profits of which are not shared with Scouts but are used to cover Pack expenses. These vary each year.

Scout’s Accounts
As shown above, we share part of our fundraising profits with the Scouts. This helps the Scout and his family cover some costs of scouting. Some Scouts earn a large portion of their camp costs In addition to camping, Scouts may use the funds to cover rechartering (annual membership renewals), purchases of uniforms or other Scout store products, or den activities/dues. Submit receipts for purchases to your Den Leader or Treasurer for reimbursement. Check with your Den Leader about covering den activities/dues.

Funds can be transferred within a family, to another Pack if the Scout moves, or to Troop when the boy crosses over to Boy Scouts. Otherwise, shared profits remaining in a Scout’s account stay with Pack 3888 when a boy leaves Scouting.

Scout / Family Participation in Fundraising
Parents are encouraged to have their Scout sell at least $300 total in product (popcorn, cookie dough and trash bags). You can participate in one or all three options. We understand that fundraiser sales may not be feasible for everyone and participation in fundraiser sales may be difficult. As such we offer the option of the “opt out” whereby you can contribute $70 per scout to cover the costs of scouting.

Although the Pack has expenses and obligations, IT IS THE GOAL OF THE BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA, THE CUB SCOUTING PROGRAM, AND PACK 3888 to PROVIDE A QUALITY SCOUTING PROGRAM TO EVERY BOY WHO WANTS ONE. Please talk with the Cub Master, Committee Chair, Treasurer or any other leader about ways to waive or reduce fees. For example, the Council provides camperships to allow every Scout the opportunity to participate in day camp, summer camp, and other scouting activities. If you and your son want to be in Scouting, money will not stand in the way.

Out of Pocket Expenses for your Scout:
Items you will have to pay for include:

  • Initial registration and annual rechartering
  • Den Dues
  • Scout Uniform Shirt, patches, and a neckerchief slide
  • Optional costs include
    • Non-required parts of the Scout uniform (trousers, shorts, hats, vests)
    • Special Den Activities, such as skiing that cost more than den dues can cover
    • Special Pack Activities (ex: Globetrotters basketball games).
    • Day Camp, Bear Resident Camp or Webelos Resident Camp
    • Subscription to Boys’ Life Magazine. ($12 per year.) **
    • Cub Scout Academic and Sports Program Guide. **

** The Pack highly recommends these items. Scouts can earn belt loops and pins in 38 areas

Initial Registration / Rechartering:
Cost varies, but we do include a neckerchief and book in the fee.

Den Dues:
$5 per month. Dens use this money to buy supplies for den activities. Dens may also use dues for certain den activities, field trips or go-see-its (ex: bowling). Dues should be paid whether or not your son attends a particular meeting or event as the dues are
really just an average of costs and because supplies must be purchased in advance.

We send announcements via email. Send address changes to if you change your email address. Our pack website is